Real Estate in 2014 & 2015 – What’s the Story?

The real estate market could really not have been better in 2014.  The DFW market was crazy busy, with… Very few days on market for listed homes, Multiple offers on homes being the norm for buyers and sellers (not great for buyers, but great for sellers!), Mortgage rates continuing to be at or near historic lows, […]

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Home Buying – What Is the Option Period?

This is the first video in a series of 5 that I’m doing to help buyers understand the home buying process. There’s a lot to the whole process, so I’m breaking it down for you with these easy-to-understand videos! The next parts of the process I’ll describe will be 2) earnest money and how it […]

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This One’s for Buyers

So I have something to say to Buyers out there…’s rough, isn’t it?!   This market (in DFW) isn’t fun for buyers because there’s not much to look at and what there is to look at is owned by that “other” group – those darned Sellers!   If it weren’t for THEM, Buyers could actually buy a […]

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