Sellers Should Be Out In the Cold

Conventional wisdom in real estate has always been that the prime time to sell is in the late Spring and Summer. I’m here to tell you that is WRONG…sellers SHOULD be out in the cold this Winter and early Spring. Current mortgage rates completely trump that conventional wisdom these days. I have repeatedly told potential sellers this recently – do not wait to sell, get the house ready and on the market TODAY! Why? Because you will have much less competition if you get your house up for sale TODAY. Because mortgage rates are low TODAY – this is great for buyers of your home, but is also great for you to be able to buy another home. Because buyers are ready TODAY. Whether this will all still be true TOMORROW is anyone’s guess, especially about mortgage rates. This is such an exciting time for home sellers, I can’t say it enough! Want to know more? I’m here for you!

Buyers Can’t Find Homes To Buy!

Have you heard the news reports saying that “housing inventory is low”…sounds kind of technical, right? What does that mean? Basically, it means that home buyers can’t find a home to buy right now! It means that if you’re considering selling your home, now’s the time – you set the rules and buyers are likely to play by those rules. It means that if you have a nice house that shows well and is priced correctly (and don’t worry, that doesn’t mean priced low), it will move and it’s likely it will move fast (no pun intended) – I’ve even seen homes I would consider overpriced move quickly. And finally, it means that it’s a sellers’ market. Please, do not believe those news reports that say that it’s a buyers market! From a national and/or statistical standpoint, that may be true. But here, in the Dallas area, sellers are in charge for now!
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