Wanna Sell?

I Know It’s a Big Decision

There are many things to consider when you start thinking about selling your house.  It can be super intimating to take that first step by emailing, texting or calling a realtor (preferably me, of course!).

But consider this – you won’t know what’s possible until you get all the information. The first step in getting info is to figure out what your proceeds will be when you sell. It costs about 7% to sell a house when all fees are taken into account. So you need a realtor (again, me!) to not only run you a Comparative Market Analysis (aka CMA), but you also need a NET Estimate so you’ll know what you’ll walk away with.

This meeting with me about your potential home sale should not in any way be scary or stressful!  You don’t even have to clean your house, because I’ve seen it all.  People so often worry about me “judging their home, and I always say I wish people could come to my house first and see the often embarrassing state of my abode before I come to theirs, because it’s definitely not perfect in any way!  8389f64fcb090f8c485ece4153201291

When we meet, I’d like to spend some time discussing your “why” – that is, what has changed in your life that makes you want consider selling?  Then we can discuss your home value, based on my HeKStimate and not Zillow’s crazy Zestimate!), and we can also talk about the various other aspects of a potential sale, including timing, marketing and pricing strategies.

It’s as simple as that! Come on now, don’t be shy, you know you want to know – and I want to help!

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