Etiquette For Home Sellers

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2019 being your best year ever!  I thought I’d start off the year with a blog about home selling, hope you enjoy it.

If you’ve contemplated listing your home for sale and you’ve watched any kind of HGTV show, you probably already know that your house needs to be cleaned and staged as if Architectural Digest were stopping by for a photo shoot. But, the house itself isn’t the only thing under scrutiny…you are, too. No matter how nice your house is, you are an important factor in affecting how potential buyers feel about making an offer.

Here are a few etiquette “rules” that I share with home sellers…following these are the best way to show, and ultimately sell, a house.

Leave the home during showings or an open house – This is the #1 most important rule. Prospective buyers and their agent will appreciate the freedom to view the home without having to censor their thoughts and feelings because they’re worried about what the seller might hear). If a seller works from home, the best thing to do is just step outside for a little while – go for a short drive, walk the dog, grab a Starbucks, anything, just make yourself scarce for a period of time enough for buyers to make themselves at home.

Take your pets with you (or crate them if that’s the only option) – Ideally, pets should be removed from the house. If that’s just not possible, corralling the pet is important and is a good secondary option.  If coralling is the choice, a crate is best or a relatively insignificant spot in the home can be used. Bottom line is that not everyone will like your pet (gasp!) – some may be intimidated by animals and actually you never really can be 100% sure how your pet will act if they’re left out to wander around the house with strangers.

Move your car – This is primarily for curb appeal, and is especially important for cars that park on the street in front of the house. Also, a vacant garage look more spacious, too.

Be polite but don’t get into conversation – If you happen to run into buyers and agents, be nice but don’t get into detailed conversations about the house. For example, asking about what buyers thought about your house puts them on the spot, and the last thing you want is for a buyer to be uncomfortable in your house. Also, you never know if something you offhandedly say might make an interested buyer rethink how much they really like the house.

Be willing to negotiate – Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but an unwillingness to negotiate may inhibit a possible sale and keep your home on the market long after you hoped it would be sold. And remember, most of the time, the first offer is the best!

Selling a home can be complicated, but I am here to help you every step of the way!


One Comment on “Etiquette For Home Sellers

  1. Probably the most important advice I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you Heather! I will share this with all my sellers! thank you. Betty Ockwood Borron

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