6 Things I Want My Sellers To Know

Selling a home is hard-work, fun and rewarding, yet there are a few challenges along the way for all parties! One in particular is I NEVER want to hurt my relationship with my clients. To avoid having any awkwardness, here are a few things I wish all my sellers knew…

1. Just Because YOU love your home décor doesn’t mean everyone else will – Don’t take offense, everyone has their OWN taste!

2. No secrets regarding the house – Because those secrets will be found out. No point in keeping the fact the A/C isn’t working. This could affect the sale later down the road. Disclose everything in the beginning so we can determine a plan of action.

3. You may not get all that money back you spent on remodeling – Unfortunately this all depends on WHAT remodeling was done. Learn more at http://realtormag.realtor.org/home-and-design/remodeling-impact

4. Get ready to fix some stuff – Fixing and cleaning just a few small things can make the house look incredible and fresh. If you spend time and money to do this at the beginning of the listing process your offers will be a higher amount. You don’t want buyers thinking they are getting a “fixer upper.”

5. I am just the messenger – I hate lowball offers as much as you do! Just understand I get frustrated too but I am on your side and will make sure I do what I can to get the best offer for your home.

6. Talk to me! – If there’s something that you’re not happy with, or something that you think I should be doing that I’m not, talk to me. Communication is key in any relationship, and if I don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling about how the house sale is going, things can get crazy for no reason. Let me know, not your friends or family, first!

7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Selling is an emotional process, so it’s easy to get mired down in the details and forget about the big picture. But, it doesn’t matter what the buyer offers, wants, asks for…the only behavior we can control (like I tell my kiddos) is ours. So, don’t get mad at the little nit-picky stuff, and don’t make the buyer the bad-guy. Keep your eye on the prize, which is selling your house, and don’t get hung up on small stuff.

Want to know more about selling? I’m always ready and able to answer your questions, so just holler! Email, text, call, carrier pigeon, whatever way you prefer to communicate, I’m ready.

Source: Derived from Realtor Mag

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