5 Thoughts on Owning a Home & Being Thankful

November ushers in the start of the holiday season with one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. I think it’s important to stop anowning_a_home_thanks-1d take stock of what we’re grateful for more than once a year, but Thanksgiving is a wonderful excuse to pair it with a delicious meal.

 Owning a home is often included in the list of things people are thankful for each year at their Thanksgiving dinner, but I started to think about how many different areas of life owning a home touches and affects in a positive way.

1. Homes – at their most basic – offer shelter from the elements, warmth, and safety.

Having a warm, safe place to put your head at night is crucial to having good mental heath and a happy outlook on life. Homes often become a shelter from the rest of the world, a place where you can most truly be the person you are.

2. Homes contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Homes have kitchens, which gives homeowners the ability to cook fresh, delicious food, which in turns offers energy, strength, and can positively affect your mental health. It’s an easy, taken-for-granted thing that can be overlooked here in the United States, but having a kitchen isn’t a given around the world. Most homes in Thailand, for example, usually forgo a kitchen in favor of eating out from street vendors.

3. Homes offer the space to host friends and family.

There’s nothing more wonderful than the joy of hosting the people you love in your own space, whether that’s for dinner or for a weeklong stay. Homes are generally much larger than apartments and this means that hosting is much easier and more comfortable for everyone…just don’t make things too comfortable or the guests might become permanent fixtures in your home!

4. A home can be your own personal sanctuary.

Few people, it seems, bother to decorate or truly personalize an apartment because apartments are transitory and who wants to pay that deposit fee? But with homes, you’re the queen or king of your own castle and that means you can make improvements, changes, and invest in décor that speaks to you and makes you feel happy and safe.

5. Homes contribute to financial health.

I love the word “wealth”, don’t you??  And this is something else that might be obvious, but the financial benefits to owning a home can have a deep impact on the rest of your life. Homes offer savings on taxes, by deducting mortgage interest, property taxes, and private mortgage insurance. Homes save money in the long term over paying rent for someone else’s property and offer you increased wealth and equity in return. As home prices continue to trend up, this offers homeowners increased value for their investments and builds wealth.

Final Thoughts on Thankfulness

This season, I am not only thankful for the privilege of owning my own personal home, but also so thankful that I can help others see – through the home buying process – how this positively impacts physical and mental health, social life, and financial wealth as well. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a very fruitful year ahead!

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  1. This reminds me of the quote about being thankful to have laundry because it means you have clean clothes and be thankful for a messy house because it means you have a home and things. Lovely post and a good reminder to be thankful for the simple things we continue to take for granted.

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